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Provides the perfect balance and weight to give you maximum control and comfort.
Precision design features make it the ideal styling razor to create the look thats uniquely your own.
Razor and 5 Hair Shaper Blades which are now 25% sharper.
Quality top stylists rely on.
Personna Hair Shaper Blades are precision manufactured of highest grade stainless-steel, tempered, sharpened, and honed to exacting standards.
Each blade is then glide coated with the patented miracle polymer VYDAX for unsurpassed smoothness and durability.

  • Be your creative best!

With Personna's coated edge technology you can shape/feather/sculpt and texturize all kinds of hair - even thin, delicate types - with confidence.

Personna Classic Hair Shaper

SKU: 28610
Excluding Sales Tax
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